With our vast experiences , expertise backed by the use of modern equipment we can guarantee a quality and personalized service toindividual divers or a group of a maximum 20 divers at any given time.


4 Hard Hull Boats with 50 CV outboard engines each 27 Feet long which could accommodate 10 divers per boat are used to ferry the divers to the sites at an average speed of 14 knots per hour. These Boats are fitted with a GPS - Echo Sonar and are complete with a mobile telephone and an extra tank in case of an emergency.

The Centers are complete with
  •   25 BCD "Scuba Pro" (XL/XS)
  •   30 Regulators (Scubapro and Sherwood)
  •   110 Tanks ( Alu 12 L)
  •   Shortly - ABC - Leeds
  •   Compass
  •   Depth Gauges
  •   Parachutes
  •   1 SEA & SEA MX 10 for rent
  •   2 Compressors BAUER K14 etc.