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    Discover Sri Lanka
    "LSR" Your specialized travel partner in sri lanka
    LSR was Established in 1982 and Registered and Licensed in 1989 as a Travel Agent
    as per the Travel Agents Code of Sri Lanka contained in the Tourist Development Act.
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    Historic Culture
    Experience the various Cultures around Country
    With a recorded history dating back to 543 BC, Sri Lanka has a rich culture to share,
    including ancient cities and world heritage sites. The influence of Buddhism in the Islandís ancient
    civilization is evident in the classical architecture, sculpture, and paintings that have been well preserved over the centuries.
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    Be Adventures
    A host of land based on adventures
    Biking, Hiking, Trekking, Camping and Nature based programmes that take you off the beaten
    track and into the heart of nature.
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    Enjoy Water Sports
    Thrill and the spill
    Rafting, Wing Surfing, Jet Skiing, Boating, Deep Sea Fishing,
    Banana Boat, Canoeing, Snorkelling, Water Skiing, Diving.
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    Little England
    The cool crisp climate in the hill
    The hill country is exceptionally beautiful and cool all year round, with crystal clear waterfalls
    and tea plantations dotting the hilly slopes.
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    Sea N' Sand
    Palm frilled beaches decked with golden sand.
    Palm frilled beaches decked with golden sand, leading off the warm and sparkling Indian Ocean,
    stretch around the island dotted with an array of quality facilities customized to provide holiday makes with an experience of a life time.
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    Experience Wild Life
    Elephant, Leopards, Deer, Bear , etc....
    Many Wild life reserves, nature parks and sanctuaries offer a great diversity in habitats
    for a variety of fauna and flora, with many species endemic to the island.


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Track A Mountain
See Wild Animals
Meet Different Cultures
Enjoy Water sports
Visit The Locals
Go Camping
The Beauty Of Nature
Relax On The Beaches

Popular Destinations

Sigiriya Rock

Hill Country

Passikudah Beach

Yala National park