People of Sri Lanka are famed for big smiles and a bigger heart. With a culture enriched with three thousand years of knowledge, Buddhism and many a colonial traditions, the Sri Lankan society is a potpourri of religions and races different yet similar in many a ways.

Biking is one of the best ways to explore Sri Lanka's varied landscapes, cultural heritage and experience rural village life. Biking through rice fields and rural villages; through tea covered hill country or along beautiful coconut fringed beaches; explore the ruins of ancient kingdoms or jungle tracks in the north central province of Sri Lanka, a truly rewarding experience.

Biking provide numerous benefits in comparison with motor vehicles, including the sustained physical exercise involved in cycling, easier parking, increased maneuverability, and access to both roads, bike paths and rural trails. Cycling also offers a reduced consumption of fossil fuels, less air or noise pollution, much reduced traffic congestion. This leads to less financial cost to the user as well as to society at large (negligible damage to roads, less road area required). By fitting bicycle racks on the front of buses, transit agencies can significantly increase the areas they can serve.

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